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We want to give you the option to use


Seeing the opportunity that history and the material we have in hand offers us, one more tool that we can use as a complement, to teach the little ones, is a simple symbol to deliver at the right time when the book is read .


Stone format.


Key format.


We can show it when "the black stone" appears on the scene in chapter 5, on the path of shadow. They will see it and become familiar with a new pact or family practice to deal with difficult moments as a family.

After delivering it will only be a matter of leaving it to the discretion of the parents.


Well, it's your choice:

THE KEY, is the way to symbolize that every problem has a solution, and that we have the key in our hands to find peace in the midst of our inner struggle.  

THE STONE , is the silent way to ask for help, or because  they are given the confidence so that they can put it themselves and claim help, or allow time and space to find answers. As parents, seeing it hanging around their necks, we can pray intensely and accompany our children in the moment of adversity they are going through. It is not a punishment, it is a time of learning, direction, reflection and seeking wisdom.  


  Key format.    


Stone format.      

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