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About the author

Eunice Simeon, wife and mother, spent years serving among youth and children, collaborating in various camps, discipleship, campaigns, and teaching cycles. Writer, creator of dynamics, educational games, singer-songwriter and music. Currently serving God, along with her husband Christopher C. Simeon, in ministry focused on Africa.




Working in the CercÁfrica ministry, in 2008, for the first time my feet stepped on this continent, and Africa captivated my heart. Seven years later, on a trip to The Gambia, I had the enormous privilege of meeting Christopher C. Simeon, an African man, whom I married two years later. He is such a man of God that he silently impacted my life and my way of seeing the spiritual world.


He, founder and director of the Global Aid Foundation , through his day-to-day life and his career in ministry, challenged my pen to write a simple story as a tribute to his work in spreading the word of God and giving help to The most disadvantaged.

The distribution of Bibles in schools and towns, the support of teachers whose work is to impart and bring the Gospel to children, the delivery of materials in collaboration with other entities, and the practical help to other needs, is the result of a transformed heart. through Christ, capable of producing love and extending the Kingdom in a humble way.

My biggest thanks to God for having enriched my life so much through a Masango like him. Serving by his side is a gift that deserves to be registered among the myriad of books.
To God, and to my husband, thank you.

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