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We travel to Africa.

Our story is located right here.



Our history is located in Africa, in the country of Cameroon, and exactly where the NKI Nature Park is located today. All our adventures will take place there, and everything that we are going to learn in the next few days.


ATENCIÓN: Visualiza este video antes de verlo con tus hijos. El poblado y la tribu Baka mantienen sus costumbres tribales sin modernizarse en absoluto. Su aspecto, vestimenta, ambiente, tradiciones, son fieles a sus raíces. Por lo tanto, puede que consideres que es ofensivo para tus hijos, especialmente el aspecto de las mujeres tribales. Si es así, y lo consideras no apto para tus hijos, no lo visualices con ellos. Queremos mostrar lo más real de las tribus, aunque tenga sus inconvenientes. Pero el video de abajo presenta a la tribu más actualizada a estos tiempos. Y por ello os damos estas dos opciones.

Here you can watch a video about how the Baka tribe lives today. In these times, if we traveled to Cameroon we would find them living like this.


Nki Nature Park.

If you can find on this map where the Nki Natural Park is located, then you will know where Masango lives, the protagonist of our story.

The Nki National Park is right next to the Boumba River National Park, where many other stories take place. But those are other adventures that I might tell you later.

Baka ancient village
from Cameroon.

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