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“Life is like walking the path of shadow. We are continually taking steps through a place of decision, of struggle, of learning, of shadows and light, where wise choices help us move forward and where wisdom is necessary to take a step towards our healthy growth. (Text extracted from the book "Masango and the path of the shadow")


Masango, the protagonist of our story, is a boy from Cameroon, only 9 years old, and in his story he teaches us the inner struggle that is lived when walking in life along the path of the shadow and the incredible benefit of good decision. “Living is a gift, growing up is a gift, learning is a huge gift. But being wise is only for those who leave the path of the shadow making use of great values ​​and principles of life. "



The Bible is an excellent instruction manual to guide us in this life. It gives us values, examples, advice, wisdom, and solid foundations, which although many may seem outdated, are a protection network in the midst of this society that has lost its principles, moving for its own interests, without hope and doubting its future. For this reason, Global Aid Foundation, among other practical aids such as the distribution of school supplies, rice, clothing, medicines, specific aid in villages, and other actions that we take care of, the free distribution of Bibles in schools, is one of our objectives, after the biblical teaching given by our teachers.

The Gambia is a small country where Muslims and Christians live together in peace, and the government opens the doors for us to be able to teach classes freely. Allowing children to have access to life values, allows them to walk safely and stable in a world that moves only by interests and fashions.

Until now, although Global Aid Foundation has collaborated in more places, we have always focused especially on The Gambia.  But now, we want to share with you our focus on allocating the profits from the sale of this book and the support material to raising the school of:

                   CCE Spring  Nursery & Primary School,in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Supporting work in African schools and work among the most disadvantaged has always been what the Global Aid Foundation has at heart.

Our website is under reconstruction, however, on Facebook or Instagram you can obtain information about the ministry of Christopher and Eunice Simeon in Africa.

We deeply appreciate your support, prayers and interest.

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