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MATERIAL: We recommend that you have a printer at hand to print the cards that you are interested in working with the children. A laminator will come in handy for Bible story cut-outs. A television or screen so that they can watch the Youtube videos of the reflections or dynamics. And some decoration that you can do to set the place. Anything you contribute will be of great help.
BOOK: You'll need the book to do the supporting material, and reading the book prior to practice is a plus. Still, you can do the activities week by week, along with reading the book, as you see fit. 
CRAFTS: Some crafts can be followed on Masango's YouTube channel, but most can be done easily by following the sheet and also pulling ingenuity. They are simple and inexpensive, but you can always complete the theme with whatever craft you see fit. The case is to continue insisting on the application of the lesson and to emphasize the teaching. 
LESSON: Each lesson reinforces Masango's part of the book with a Bible story. We work VALUES that we need so much to grow wisely. And from each lesson we draw practical and current teachings that we live day by day. Current topics such as bullying, harassment, peer pressure, truth and lies, integrity, and much more.
BIBLE STORY: Each lesson reinforces the part of Masango's book with a Bible story. The objective is that they know the Scriptures, remember the stories and apply each teaching to their lives, knowing Jesus and the great heroes of the faith. 
DYNAMICS: The objective of each dynamic is to allow understanding, visualizing and remembering the teachings of the lesson. You know that saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  Well, we're after the same thing.
GAMES: Learning is not at odds with fun. So, we try, since we play, that each game has a teaching that emphasizes the lesson. 
HOBBIES: Perfect for special moments, rainy days, or alternatives to the tablet or movies. Having hobbies that review the history of Masango or the Bible lesson does not hurt. Each chapter has its hobbies in its three levels.
EXERCISES: When they listen to the lesson or the story, a percentage stays in their heads, but when we work through the exercises of the topic, much more is used. Many are questions that help us to continue investigating and delving into the feelings of the little ones, in their daily routine and in how they think about things. There are three levels, and many are fun. It is not about complicated exercises, but about affirming concepts and values.
SONGS: There is a song for each story. They have been composed thinking that they are verses that they remember or stories that by singing them they can learn the value worked on. The videos in this section are on the PLATFORM , which will be accessed by those who have obtained the support material, and their personal password.
ATTITUDE: Sometimes you have to reward the little ones for specific things, outstanding attitudes or give them a warning for inappropriate behavior. We do not put "gomets" but for the case it is the same. You can enjoy the good times.

Kidsway Kids Club CAMP

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Based on the book of Masango and the path of the shadow.

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