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Support material available.

What is " Proyecto Masango "?

* Because it is a charity project to raise funds for work in schools in Africa, the supporting material will not be free. Get it and collaborate from the STORE page. Thanks.

Así vamos progresando.

Between music and lyrics I have spent my life. I've spent half composing songs, and the other half writing. God has allowed me to experience many things, among them, I think that for me, the most exciting, and transcendental, was traveling to Africa. Something that undoubtedly marked my heart in such a way that it always makes me wonder: What am I doing here?


Africa is intense, it gets inside, it is tattooed on the soul, you never forget the experiences it gives you. Neither their culture, their customs, their people, nor their smiles leaves you indifferent, because each person captivates you, and you cannot forget the hands that they extend to you, nor their hospitality, nor their hugs. Africa is an explosion of color and music, but not everything is a party, because you cannot forget its other less kind face, its need is nailed in your pupil as much as its pain, its misery, its tears, its abuse, and its history .

I married an African man, you see a gift from heaven that I no longer had, and his career, experiences and battles joined mine and shaped what this book has been.


Masango and the Shadow Path is a book that is steeped in the small struggles of a 9-year-old boy from the Baka tribe in Cameroon. He lends us his history and experience to maintain the values and principles of life that are increasingly diluted in this hectic world where the truth is sold and bought for pure interest. The path of the shadow is the space of time that leads us to make decisions in the middle of our learning in life.

  • There is an inner struggle for every decision.

  • There is an important treasure on which everything is based.

  • There is a truth that is no less true just because people don't want to accept it.

  • There is a clear and direct message so that no one says that they were never told.

  • There is an important decision to make.

  • A daily job to do and maintain.

  • And a very important person to meet, not by hearsay, but personally.


This is Masango and the path of the shadow. I am Eunice Simeon, let me tell you this story through this book.

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